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High Quality Track Record

The figure below displays the cumulative results of Monolith N.V. since inception in 2006. Also displayed, as a reference index, is the HSBC European Smaller Companies Index (reinvested).

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Data sources: Monolith Investment Management and Bloomberg.

DR. Hönle

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Private Equity in
public markets

Monolith has a value oriented investment strategy focused on quoted companies which (may) consider or implement changes. A ‘private equity’ approach is applied to public companies in Europe

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Independent and
multi-disciplinary team

Monolith was founded in 2006 by Daan van Vlaardingen. Over time, several colleagues joined the team. Together with the Advisory Board, they form an independent, multi-disciplinary and experienced team

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Structure and organisation

  • Monoltih is a Dutch investment company and has its own Supervisory Board.
  • Monolith has a fiscal efficient structure
  • All important back office responsibilities have been out-sourced to major specialised third parties.

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